Bermuda Loquat Wheat

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I’m always on the hunt for a way to brew a locally inspired beer! The first local beer brewed was a Honey Porter using local Bermuda Honey. This beer turned out amazing and has been brewed many time since. Next we did a awful Hibiscus IPA, this was the first beer I’ve ever dumped out! I might revisit one day as it taught me a lot about brewing with flowers. So next the committee of beer drinkers decided to try an American Wheat beer flavored with local Bermuda Loquats.

Loquats are a plum like fruit that is native to Japan and China but today can be found all over the world. Bermuda is covered in Loquat trees brought here by early settlers. The fruit begins appearing in the trees by the end of winter season and can be ready to harvest by April or May. We harvested a lot of them as they are small and then washed and froze them for a few weeks to rupture the cells and release the juice as well as kill any nasties on them.

This beer was based on a standard American Wheat recipe with some of the fermentables replaced by the Loquats in the boil, in the primary fermenter and again in the secondary fermenter! Northern Brewer was used as the single hop. 

This beer came out with as a very tasty, well balanced wheat beer, not too fruity but still with a great loquat flavor.  This recipe was a hit with local friends and will find it’s way to the keezer every season!

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