Brickfair AL 2013 – AFOL Days

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With a minivan packed full with LEGO and just enough room left over for suitcases, Robin and I arrived in Birmingham, AL after a quick two and a half hour drive from Atlanta. Everything seems to have survived the trip in great shape.


We checked in at the convention center and got to unloading the crates at the loading dock. A quick check in and we were getting set up in our assigned spot. As you can see, we brought a much bigger layout this year. I’m sure we’ll be answering lots of questions on the public days.


Friday morning started with media interviews for the brave few could could get up at 6am in the morning. Both the local FOX and ABC stations were out to talk to whoever they could drag in front of the cameras! Here they are talking about the very cool Great Ball Contraption.


Kevin Hinkle of the LEGO Group was on of the guests and he has several presentations during the day on Friday. The first was a lively and spirited talk on how the LEGO Group works with fans and how that is changing (for he better) in 2013. The second was a talk about the current and upcoming product lines and a new set was relieved during that talk, 10232 Palace Cinema, which unfortunately had already be leaked online EVERYWHERE! Here is Kevin and his new, um, business card!


Later Friday night we took a trip to a local brewery here in Birmingham, Good People Brewing. It was packed that night with a local fund raiser but some good beer was indeed had at this good sized local brewery.


The next two days are the public days but you can follow along on Flickr with many more photos of the action and some great LEGO MOCs and layouts!

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  1. Jason,

    It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. I had a most enjoyable evening at Brickfair and look forward into running into you again at a future conventions. Take care! Jake

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