Kitchen Drawer Hacking

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Not a huge project like some of the others here but something just as useful for feeding my OCD and need for organization! When we remodeled our kitchen two years ago of course I had to go with the built in draw organizers, again to feed my OCD. However after putting our stuff in the drawer I found its layout and ability to organize the silverware lacking. So finally after two years I could no longer take it, it had to be fixed! Thankfully this would be an easy weekend project fix!

I hit the Home Depot for some poplar strips and cut them to the right size for the drawer. I test fitted them in place with the silverware that would go in those compartments. Looks like a good fit!

Next I sanded them and rounded the top edges, hit them with a few coats of a satin finish polyurethane. After disassembling the drawer I used the nail gun to fasten them in place.

And that was it! OCD happiness!

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