Microsoft SkyDrive on OSX

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What’s not to like about Microsoft SkyDrive? Anyone that signed up for a free SkyDrive account before April 23rd 2012, can keep their 25GB online storage forever if they ask for it and new users still get 7GB. That much more than DropBox or other providers.

As a Mac user, I was happy to see they launched a MacOS X compatible client application for SkyDrive so I could use all that space. There was just one little thing that bothered me, I couldn’t stand that client has the SkyDrive icon sitting in my Dock and menu bar at the same time! That’s just bad form from Microsoft on this one.

Being this is OSX there is a quick fix however, just open up a Terminal window and type the following to modify the SkyDrive clients settings:

defaults write /Applications/ LSUIElement 1

If SkyDrive was already running, just close it and start it again and the Dock icon is gone !

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