Quick, Free Apple Time Capsule Mount

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Our house is wired for gigabit ethernet in almost every room of the house. This works out great for streaming media from our home theater PC. When our faith router finally died we decided to get an Apple Time Capsule as we have as few Apple devices in the house and the automatic backup would be a nice bonus. Additionally it’s a nice small all-in-one that will fit in with the new life in Bermuda.

However upon receiving the Apple Time Capsule I discover it doesn’t have any mounting capability! A quick search found many mounts like this mount, but they were all $50 or more!

So I came up with this simple mount made from a coated wire hanger and a few washers and screws. I has all these items already hanging around so this was a free hack!

Using two pairs of pliers I carefully bent the coat hanger in to the right shape to hold the Apple Time Capsule leaving loops at each end to secure to the board with washers and screws! A quick and simple mount!

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