On The Go – Atlanta, GA
Just look at all those taps

On The Go – Atlanta, GA

Every so often it’s good to get off the rock and visit someplace else and when we do this we like to seek out the best places for beer!

I recently visited Atlanta, GA, which is a direct flight from Bermuda, and it offers a fabulous big city experience that of course includes lots of great beer.  Atlanta is known t’s many historic neighborhood and they all contain great pubs such as The Porter and Brick Store Pub. Food and dining in Altant si only second to that of New York and the city is littered with great beer restaurants such as Five Seasons.  But most importantly, the city is also home to an ever growing number of craft beer breweries, many of them with their own tasting rooms open to the public!

On this trip I visited one of the great beer restaurants of all time, Taco Mac, and also stopped by to sample the unique beers at the Monday Night Brewing tasting room.   (more…)

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New Year Resolutions, a Discovery, and Unintended Consequences!

Even those of us who don’t make New Years Resolutions do think a lot about life changes with the dawn of every new year. Personally I like to set a one word theme for each year that I hope will guide my choices going forward. This is not my idea, I’ve stolen this idea from other friends who have served as an inspiration in this.  Last year was the year to be more Generous in my life and with my resources and I believe I did a pretty good job incorporating that in to my 2015.

So starting out 2016 I wanted to make a change that would continue to make a big difference in my life and in the lives of those around me. I wanted to be more present when spending time with my family and friends and really double down on being a generous friend. (more…)

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Bermuda Honey Porter

I was looking for someway to brew a locally inspired beer and after several rounds with friends it was decided that we needed to attempt a Honey Porter. While hops and grain are not grown in Bermuda at all, honey is a very popular local crop. So for this beer I used a very dark Robust Porter recipe and added local Bermuda honey to the flame out, primary, and secondary fermenter.

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I’m Not Dead… Yet…

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” -Mark Twain

Hello, it’s been an interesting few years since the last blog post here. Moving to a small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean seems to have killed of the blogging. Well it’s a new year and maybe it’s time to get this thing going again! There are so many things I can’t wait to write about that maybe the break was a good thing? (more…)

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