Keep Left Imperial IPA

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We are really bunch of hop heads here in Smith’s Parish, Bermuda and as such have a great time experimenting with IPAs as much as possible over the last two years. Recently, after upgrading our mash tun for additional capacity, it was decreed by all that we must develop an Imperial IPA. So after much testing, research, and tasting competitors Imperial IPA’s our very own Keep Left Imperial IPA was born!

The name takes is meaning from the fact that in Bermuda we drive on the left side of the road. If you’ve spent any time in Bermuda you might have heard someone tell a visitor who is leaving the pub to “Keep Left” reminding them to stay to the left on the road. This is a powerful beer and after one pint you’ll need someone to remind you to keep left as well so we went ahead and just put it on the label!

The Keep Left Imperial IIPA starts with a massive amount of Pilsner and Amber that gives this beer a very malty base with great color and a solid head.  It is continuously hopped for 90 minutes with a blend of Amarillo, Simcoe, and Warrior hops that give it an intense IPA flavor and aroma. 5 Days in the primary fermenter and 15 days in the secondary give it a great crisp, clear color!

As for as serving this beer, the only time I’d recommend it is with a designated driver or at home! 🙂  This is a great evening beer for the spring or fall with a amazing hop profile at 82 IBU and close to 9% ABV. This is a seasonal favorite among everyone here and we brew this once or twice a year.

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