Standing Desk Update

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I’ve been using the standing desk for about 8 months now and I’m loving it. It’s been very functional, I no longer have any back pain, and I’ve received many complements on it’s design. But it wasn’t without some issues, since my initial post I’ve made a few updates to the desk and have used some additional Ikea products.

First the cables were driving me nuts! So I’ve added some cable management to the desk. To do this I went out and bought the EXPEDIT Door Insert and installed it under the monitor and computer. I then drilled a 1.5″ in hole in the top of the EXPEDIT book case to allow cables to pass in and out while leaving the VIKA desktop untouched. This also had the benefit of allowing me to hide the UPS in addition to all of the power cables running everywhere for a much cleaner look.

Next was the clutter, it needed to be hidden as well. So help this issues I added some BRANÄS Baskets and another EXPEDIT Door Insert to hide the clutter. At the end, am left with a well organized and clean workspace!

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