New Years Beer Resolutions

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Being a home brewer is a great hobby but there is always a temptation and desire to step it up a notch and do something bigger, better, faster or more! To that end there are several things I want to try this new year with this hobby. I’m not that interested in brewing bigger volumes, five gallons at a time are great for us but I’m interested trying new things to increase my skill and knowledge at this fine craft!

To that end this year I will:

  • Move from batch sparging to continuous sparging.
  • Start storing and reusing yeast from one batch to the next.
  • Build out a starting brewhouse to automate some functions of the process.

Already on New Years day I did for the first time reuse yeast. So far it appears to be a great success as the beer is fermenting away right on schedule but the true test will be in tasting the final product.

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